Hong Kong Optimist Dinghy Association

Which Fleet?

Which Fleet?

In 2020 the HKODA was happy to introduce a new concept of the Intermediate fleet which is used in many overseas regatta. It is an opportunity for young  sailors who are not quite ready for the Main fleet  to compete against sailors of a similar standard. We believe it will enable sailors to transition earlier and with more confidence to the Main fleet.

HKODA continues to be fully supportive of the Green fleet but has discussed with the clubs that the organisation and running of the Green fleet will be up to the Regatta Organisers to arrange and run. The aim is to get sailors started in the Green fleet regatta experience and then once they are ready to transition smoothly to being part of the overall regatta in the Intermediate fleet  and to ultimately join the Open/ Main fleet. 

If you are unsure of which fleet you should join, please check with the coaches who will be able to advise you best. 

Main versus Intermediate

The target wind conditions for the Main fleet are approximately 4kts to 25kts. Boats which do not finish in the time limit are scored DNF. By entering the Main fleet a sailor is accepting a challenge to test their skills not only against the best sailors at the event but also in the conditions, which may be variable and physically demanding.

In general, the Intermediate fleet sailors will sail a shorter course and have a lower maximum wind limit as the intention is to provide a full race experience for developing sailors without the physical demands of the Main fleet or the frustration of being scored “Did Not Finish”.

 In general the Race Committee will try to have both Intermediate and Main fleets complete their race courses at similar times in order to minimise the waiting time between races and ensure sailors are in the correct fleet with sailors of a similar level.

Who should be in the Intermediate fleet?

1. Developing sailors (any age) who have raced in the Main/Open fleet before and regularly either “timed out” or have consistently finished in the back 25% of the Main/Open fleet at other Optimist regattas.

2. Perhaps consider the best Optimist sailors at your Club and think about whether you are able to finish within 10 minutes of them in all wind conditions in particular very light (<6kts) or heavy (>18kts).

3. Emerging sailors who have sailed in the Green fleet at other regattas and are looking to transition to the Main Fleet.

4. Younger sailors who may be more experienced but find the long days in the Main Fleet too demanding.

Who should think about entering the Green fleet?

The younger or more inexperienced sailors who are not ready for the Intermediate fleet just yet. Green fleet provides a great fun introduction to attending a major regatta. The Green fleet will be using the World Sailing Introductory Rules of Sailing and limited on-water coaching to assist sailors build their confidence and boat handling skills and will combine racing with other fun activities.

Scores for ranking

Intermediate sailors will be scored below Main fleet sailors in the rankings. Coaches will advise on whether to enter Main fleet or Intermediate Fleet races. 

The HKODA committee has decided not to publish ranking for Green Fleet over the year, this decision has been made in order to encourage Green Fleet sailors to move to Main Fleet when they are ready. Their results for each regatta will still be on the website but they will be published in alphabetical order according to their names and scores will not be added together. There will be no end of year Green Fleet overall ranking prize at the end of the HKODA year.
Instead each regatta will be stand alone for Green Fleet with prizes giving out at the event only.

Non HKODA members will not show in the ranking and will receive a DNC score if they join HKODA after a regatta has been completed. Make sure to fill in your details through our membership form to remain on the ranking. Please make sure to check the data in the Ranking File. If the data is incorrect or missing please send and email to optimist@hkoda.org.