Hong Kong Optimist Dinghy Association




All sailors wishing to take part in the 2023 HKODA Year Ranking require 2023 HKODA Membership. If you have not registered for membership and paid by the first day of a regatta you will receive a DNC score for that regatta and any further regattas until membership is paid and confirmed. Only members of HKODA are entitled to represent Hong Kong during the IODA events and/or compete for the Hong Kong Sailor of the Year Award. 

The ranking file on the HKODA website will only show sailors who are members of HKODA.

HKODA encourage all clubs, schools and HKSF, to run regattas which comply with the following criteria for the purpose of ranking. However, regattas will be automatically excluded from the HKODA ranking if they do not comply to:

  • Trapezoid or “Worlds” courses, with windward/leeward as a last resort. Triangular courses not to be used if possible.
  • Optimists should have a separate start.
  • Regattas should schedule a minimum of 5 races, with one discard, with a sensible minimum number of races to constitute a series.

HKODA Year 2023 Overall Hong Kong Optimist Ranking System

The ranking system is run on the basis of adding competitors placings in every race of the 6 ranking regattas for that particular year. A discard will be allowed for every 4 races completed. So when 4 races are completed there will be one discard allowed and for 8 races there will be 2 discards etc The RRS Low Point System and Appendix A will be applied in scoring.

HKODA Year 2024 Ranking Regattas are:

  • ABC Southside Regatta (2nd - 3rd December 2023) - ABC 
  • Hong Kong Race Week (30 Jan-4th February 2024)- RHKYC Middle Island 
  • HKSF Optimist Selection Regatta (16-17 Mar 2024) - TBC
  • Hebe Haven Open Dinghy Regatta (18-19 May 2024) - HHYC
  • HKODA National and Open Championship (TBC October 2024) 

Intermediate fleet ranking

The HKODA Intermediate fleet is a new concept introduced in 2020 which gives sailors who are not quite ready for the Main fleet an opportunity to compete against sailors of a similar standard. Intermediate sailors will be scored below Main fleet sailors in the rankings. 

Green fleet ranking

The HKODA committee has decided not to publish ranking for Green Fleet over the year, this decision has been made in order to encourage Green Fleet sailors to move to Intermediate Fleet when they are ready. Their results for each regatta will still be on the website but they will be published in alphabetical order according to their names and scores will not be added together. There will be no end of year Green Fleet overall ranking prize at the end of the HKODA year.
Instead each regatta will be stand alone for Green Fleet with prizes giving out at the event only.

Non HKODA members will not show in the ranking and will receive a DNC score if they join HKODA after a regatta has been completed. Make sure to fill in your details through our membership form to remain on the ranking. Please make sure to check the data in the Ranking File. If the data is incorrect or missing please send and email to optimist@hkoda.org.

More details on fleets can be found on the HKODA website tab "Which Fleet?"