Hong Kong Optimist Dinghy Association

HKODA Ranking Regatta Requirements 2023/24

Requirements for a HKODA Ranking Regatta 2023/24

HKODA relies on a partnership with the Clubs / Fleets to operate a circuit of regattas each season. These are pulled together under the umbrella of being "HKODA Ranking Regattas". In doing so the regatta organisers are guaranteed entries, their training programs have something to aim for, and HKODA has the basis for selection for IODA events. Ranking regattas should have a minimum standard (The same logic applies to "IODA events", not that the HKODA ranking events need to follow that level of uber prescriptive operation!).

Minimum standards are these:

1. Must be a minimum 2 day event with at least 5 races scheduled.

2. Must engage an HKSF accredited National Race Officer as PRO or RO to run the racing.

3. Must use best efforts to run trapezoid IODA type courses.

4. Must use a regatta management system for entry, registration & results proscribed by HKODA (see note 1)

5. Must integrate an Intermediate Fleet within the NOR and Mardep permit (unless agreed otherwise with HKODA). Green fleet races also strongly encouraged (see note 2)


1/ HKODA can assist with the setup of the system. The current system is Clubspot and HKODA can assist with its set up.

2/ HKODA will support green fleet regatta management (Volunteers)


The HKODA would like all organisations who intend to run a HKODA ranking regatta in Hong Kong to agree to the following minimum requirements. The purpose of this is to ensure the following:

● Consistency between regattas

● Safety at ranking regattas

● Ease and consistency for scoring and ranking

● Ease for parents and admin during registration


HKODA requires everyone to use Clubspot for registration of the optimist sailors for each regatta. The costs for this are 4% of the entry fees which can be added on to the current entry fees for sailors (Clubspot can also be used for other classes, including Open fleets racing under handicap). Using a consistent registration software allows parents to save their entry details from regatta to regatta ensuring a streamlined entry process. These details are then available for us in safety management and scoring. Support can be provided in setting up and managing the Clubspot software. Payment is only taken when a sailor registers via the registration software, there is no up front payment for the Clubspot software.

Using this system sailors can pay for entry:

● Via their club membership for club run regattas

● Via Stripe credit card payment gateway (payment by card does incur an extra payment handling extra)

● Offline by bank transfer

The HKODA is happy to offer support and help on how to set up and use Clubspot. A link to the regatta website/entry should be provided to the HKODA in order to create a consistent pathway for entry to Ranking regattas.


HKODA requires all HKODA events to use a safety band system to track whether sailors are on or off the water. HKODA has sets of safety bands for loan which work with Clubspot. This is the preferred system for monitoring safety at events.

Organisers are expected to have adequate First Aid and safety plans in place.

Regatta Format and Management

● Must be a minimum 2 day event with at least 5 races scheduled.

● Must engage an HKSF accredited National Race Officer as PRO or RO to run the racing.

● Must run trapezoid type courses (not necessarily the IODA one) incorporating a reaching leg as well as windward/leewards.


HKODA requests that all ranking regattas use the Clubspot system for scoring the regatta. This is a free scoring system linked to the registration and safety systems above.  An Excel download should be provided for HKODA to update their ranking system within two days of the regatta completion.

Another major advantage is that the scoring is updated after every race and (provisional) results are published immediately. Parents will be able to follow what is happening on the water.

Intermediate and Green Fleet Rules

The Intermediate Fleet is designed to allow for sailors to transition more easily and ideally faster from the Green Fleet through to being a part of the overall regatta and ultimately the Main Fleet. In general the Intermediate sailors will sail a shorter course and have a lower maximum wind limit. Intermediate sailors will be included in the overall HKODA ranking with a score that continues from the Main Fleet scoring. Green Fleet, which will be run separately, is intended to be a sailor’s very first experience of racing, and will not be included in the HKODA rankings.